Edit-Point @ sound lab 2


Peel: Pete Stollery

Organic Construct: Matthew Whiteside
*Seven Waves (flute and electronics): Joseph Hyde
Grandchild of Tree (cactus and electronics): Paul Rudy
Breaking Point: Louise Rossiter
Kaktos: Timothy Cooper

with Flautist, David Jervis*

Edit-Point are really excited to be inviting Pete Stollery to join us for our second concert. Pete’s music needs no introduction to the electroacoustic world. His music has been performed and published internationally. Pete has won many major awards including Special Prize in the Musica Nova competition, Honourable Mention at the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award and the 1st Pierre Schaeffer Competition for Computer Music. His music is an inspiration to us and we’re delighted he has accepted our invitation to perform at sound lab.

The rest of the programme is made up of the groups own work alongside Joseph Hyde’s microscopic investigation into the flute and Paul Rudy’s similarly zoomed in vision of a resonant cactus.

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