Edit-Point @ sound lab Sight/Sound/Place

EP AV BASIC ImageEdit-Point: Sight/Sound/Place

Experimental film and music

7.30pm Wednesday 25 September, Recital Room, City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NQ Tickets £6 (£3)

Edit-Point’s Sight/Sound/Place is supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland

Sound competes with vision. Sense competes with non-sense. Edit-Point presents three audio-visual works in which various kinds of chaos are brought to order.

In Lexicon, a poem by Tom, age 12, is the source for a poignant visual and sonic meditation on dyslexia. Words, image and text, distort and reform. There is at once a sense of kaleidoscopic brilliance and thwarted progress as the child’s poem slowly unfolds.

Vanishing Point describes the moment when abstract images pivot on the point of becoming tangible. They fleetingly become real and then collapses back into the unknown. The soundtrack, based on the noise of an old valve radio, glues everything together.

Taking an almost entirely different approach, Are You Everybody distils the chaos of the Kosova war into moments of quiet reflection.

The three films are framed by a series of six, short, new, sonic postcards based on field recordings made in Scotland. Just as the photographer may tweak an image on a computer, there may be digital sleights of hand here too. Coming in at under two minutes each, these sound pieces reveal as much as any photograph, capturing a place and a moment.


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