Edit-Point @ sound lab with the Cameo Clarinet Quartet

Welcome one and all to the latest installment of sound lab featuring Edit-Point. On Friday night all will not be quite as it seems as the music leads you through a sonic hall of mirrors. From ventriloquism to puppet dancing, mirages and abstract illusions each piece tackles the art in its own way. Listen as sounds magically disappear or engulf you as though the room itself is changing size. Keep your wits about you, your ears open as the sound you’re hearing changes before your very ears. Be ready and we wi

ll lead you into the surprising sound worlds of Edit-Point’s cinema for the ear.
In celebration of Alistair’s 50th birthday Edit-Point have centred a programme around several of his pieces that use instrumental sounds as material, in particular Kilim which features clarinet and saxophone improvisations as prominent sounds.

The programme displays the members of Cameo as soloists and in the full ensemble. The concert culminates with Edit-Point’s own Timothy Cooper and the first performance of his Fata Morgana for clarinet quartet and tape written in collaboration with the Cameo Clarinet Quartet.

Programme to include:

Busk – Alistair MacDonald and Nicholas Virgo
My life in ventriloquism (solo clarinet) – Tom Butler
Dreel – Alistair MacDonald
Pavakoothu – Diana Salazar
Kilim – Alistair MacDonald
Fata Morgana (world premiere) – Timothy Cooper

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