Edit-Point with Peter Argondizza

Axe! Edit-Point dial it up to 11 with music performed by guest electric guitarist, Peter Argondizza. An eclectic set of live guitar and electronics and fixed media music played over a multi-speaker sound system. The classical modernist meets the post-minimalist in Luciano Berio’s Sequenza XI and Jack Vees’ National Anthem. Gilles Gobeil’s small, but perfectly full-on Associations Libres takes on Alistair MacDonald’s sparse and intriguingly angular Quite Still. All of this is contrasted by lush, fixed-media works by Manuella Blackburn and Oliver Carman.

Tickets £6/3


Full Programme:

Luciano Berio – Sequenza XI
Alistair MacDonald – Quite Still
Manuella Blackburn – Vista Points
Oliver Carman – Electric Strings
Gilles Gobeil – Associations Libres
Jack Vees – National Anthem

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